Technical Competence

Well versed in IP and telco technologies including SIP, Diameter, SS7, MAP, INAP, and SIGTRAN, WiseSpot is a pioneer in switching infrastructure platforms, telecom-signaling-based products, fixed and wireless broadband applications as well as messaging solutions.

Dedicated technology and product development teams help us keep on top of the latest in technologies in order to continually create and maintain a portfolio of top-of-the-line solutions.

OUR development philosophy:

To steadfastly focus on creating the best and continuously enhancing our portfolio of proprietary solutions using the latest IP and telecommunication technologies, network intelligence applications and infrastructure enabling solutions.

Each project team is chosen with the best fitting Talents

to meet the project's specific requirements, and generally consists of members with key roles to play in that solution's design, development and management.

Through years of working for clients

with sizable customer bases and stringent methodological practices, our Project Management & Implementation Team has amassed considerable hands-on experience & expertise in handling large-scale project execution, solution design, and application development.

Regular skill refreshers, technology updates,

professional certifications and vendor/partner trainings are also mandatory to keep our team well qualified to support our growing portfolio of highly fault tolerant, secure and mission critical applications that can satisfy diverse network requirements and handle high transaction volumes.

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