Deep Packet Inspection & Policy Management
(DPI & PM)

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As observed in both fixed line and mobile services, many traditional telecom services are plateauing while data-related services are taking over in significance as revenue contributors.

Intense competition is another crucial factor that puts pressure on communication service providers to create more innovative data services with quick time-to-market. Investments in additional bandwidth capacity will inevitably incur major capital expenditure (CAPEX) investment and installation time. Hence, telcos often find themselves facing the challenge of how to optimize the allocation of available bandwidth resources for new services without sacrificing their subscribers' current level of user experience.

WiseSpot DPI + PM Solution is a proven solution that has been successfully implemented in both fixed and mobile networks to provide operators with a two-pronged solution to their dilemma:
  • In-depth network visibility and sophisticated usage analyses enable operators to implement appropriate network control policies for clients with specific requirements. The combination of tools offers precise management of network resources without sacrificing Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Quick turnaround for creation of new value-added service (VAS) and personalized data consumption plans, enabling operators to maximize existing data revenue streams and unlock new ones by better satisfying diverse subscriber demands

The solution is a combination of 3 modules.
Compatible with one another, each module consists of specific functions to tackle various issues.

Traffic Optimization Module

  • A wide range of network control policies provide operators with the capability to manage bandwidth usage of their subscribers. It also assists with usage monitoring and network abuse prevention.

Service Creation Module

  • It enables subscriber database management and creation of new personalized data services and VAS plans.
    • A few examples:
    • Roaming Day Pass
    • Piggyback Roaming
    • Top up Plans
    • Shared Data Plans
    • Tethering Detection, Universal Service Plans Across Devices
    • Real-time Local & Roaming Notification and Bill Shock Prevention

Operations Management Module

  • Provides detailed usage & business intelligence reporting, system administration, user account management and other operations.

Solution Architecture

The WiseSpot Advantage:
Solution Benefits:

Fair Usage Policy Application at a leading mobile operator



  • FUP : 512Kbps is shown if usage is over 2G in one week
  • Local Sudden Up : 512Kbps is shown and run for 24 hours if usage is over 300M in one hour





  • High Connections (>30 concurrent)
  • Medium Connections (>15 concurrent)
  • Suspicious Protocols (BitTorrent, NNTP, SNMP)
  • Shady Protocols (FTP, RapidShare)
  • Impossible Protocols (Windows Update)
  • PC User Agent (Windows NT, Mac OSX excluding iPhone, iPad)
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