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Operating in today’s telecommunication industry has become more and more challenging due to the increasingly sophisticated business environment.

Only those with the vision to evolve and become agile in their business strategies can survive. To support these moves, their business and operation backend systems must be equally flexible to allow for quick-turnaround adaptations to accommodate new services and new promotion plans. However, dated or rigid systems that are unable to accommodate rapidly changing business requirements are holding companies back.

WiseBOSS / xRM: A Complete Business Solution Package for Today’s Telcos

A specially designed solution to keep pace with the fast-moving telecommunication industry, the package enables smarter marketing, more efficient selling, quicker service provision and ultimately delighted subscribers. WiseBOSS / xRM is a truly Telco-centric solution with features and functions designed to support telco business creation and customer service operations.

Solution Architecture

At the core of WiseBOSS / xRM’s solution architecture, there are pre-defined connectors to support easy centralized integration with different components within a telco’s network, including both frontend and backend systems where logs and data vital to service creation and provision are otherwise separately stored: messaging gateways, service platforms, billing systems, OCS, subscriber databases and customer interaction channels. With consolidation, these previously standalone pools of information can now be a Single Version of Truth, accessible via a few mouse clicks on a single workstation as account information summaries, real time analytics and business insights. These can be used for planning intelligent customer engagements and personalized customer service delivery.


Built-in pre-defined Best Practice Workflows and Templates enable different manual operations and approval processes within marketing, sales, account creation, service provision and after-sales service to be standardized and completed online. This can minimize the risk of human errors and service delays. Yet, to enable quick adaptations to cope with ever-changing market needs, extensive customization can also be performed on the fly, via easy-to-manipulate user interfaces and development tools, directly on a user’s desktop or centrally by an in-house IT team.

Activities such as the creation and tracking of digital promotion campaigns, following up on available sales leads, setting of highly sophisticated and personalized service plans to cross sell and upsell, and the resolution of customer complaints within pre-set turnaround times, all these can be defined, implemented and monitored using the four WiseBOSS / xRM functional modules: Marketing, Sales & Order Management, Account Activation & Service Provision and Customer Services.

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Individual and management views and dashboards provide to-date snapshots on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) achievements across different functions. Timely Analytics thus gathered enable efficient adjustments to be made in different business activities and staff coaching, ultimately resulting in better productivity, improved efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Flexible Deployment

  • On Premise or On Cloud
  • Scalable Capacity
  • Module-by-Module Deployment
  • Highly Customizable & Adjustable Workflows
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