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Mobile data services are all the rage nowadays, among which some high data usage services such as mobile video are particularly popular.

Abundant mobile video contents & applications are appearing on the market and growing rapidly every day. As mobile data usage makes up 40% - 60% of total 3G bandwidth utilization, subscribers will start to feel the effects of a congested network, especially during some peak time periods or at subscriber-heavy cell sites.

To solve the problem of bandwidth insufficiency, one of the simplest ways for operators is to upgrade their networks and obtain more bandwidth. However, it will also result in a large amount of bandwidth being unused during non peak hours or in sparse areas, making the investment a waste of money and resources.

What mobile operators really need is to utilize the network bandwidth in a more efficient way. By reducing the unnecessary traffic consumption of a subscriber to download a full piece of video which he/she might never finish watching, or the bandwidth usage coming from redundant requests to download the same video content repeatedly, we can allow more users to enjoy the limited resources at the same time. More importantly, bandwidth usage in peak hours or busy districts must be controlled & managed to avoid congestion and video playback interruption, providing the subscribers with better user experience.


WiseSpot Video Optimization Solution

WiseSpot Video Optimization solution can help operators save around 35% radio bandwidth through optimization of 60% of video traffic, all the while keeping any change in video quality unnoticeable to the subscriber. We provide multi-level optimization technologies from pacing, caching, transrating & transcoding to adaptive streaming, so as to provide a full control over the optimization results.

The results of savings in bandwidth can be used by all data services, not just video.
It could delay or spread out the need to invest in additional radio bandwidth to accommodate growth. Meanwhile, with smoother video playback and less stalling & congestion, mobile operator can provide subscribers with enhanced user experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Subscriber & Profile Database

(Device-specific Optimization)

Quality of Experience Framework

(Inline Visual Quality Measurement)

Bandwidth Comparison

Before optimization, a huge amount of bandwidth is needed during peak hours.

Adaptive Streaming

Video bitrate and quality are changing adaptively according to available bandwidth.


- No change in video quality
- Mechanism to control the download speed of video such that no excessive wastage of video is downloaded

Smart Caching

Selective optimization on 15% of the hot videos with more views can increase the efficiency of the bandwidth usage.

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