4G Aggregation Network Monitoring (ANM) Switch

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Mobile data and IP networks are constantly flooded with enormous amounts of data traffic.

As technology advances and mobile operators’ core networks evolve to the faster, higher capacity 4G-LTE technologies, they are also faced with the challenge of how to best harness the enormous amount of data generated from different network elements to implement tighter network security, better performance monitoring, more effective bandwidth optimization and more proactive customer experience management.

With the sheer complexity of mobile networks on the rise, pulling data from the multitude of tools, probes, interfaces, processes, functions and servers can prove to be manual and difficult. What’s more, processing massive amounts of unstructured data can be a costly waste of time and resources.

In order to truly enjoy the promised gains in productivity and competitive advantage that big data promises, engineers need greater visibility into their network and the proper tools to help them prioritize, filter and synthesize the information that is constantly being churned out. Therefore, strategic investment in the right network visibility solution will provide a critical business advantage: one that can Aggregate such “big data” from multiple network access points, Filter what is needed and Automatically Distribute different information to various monitoring tools and analyzers.

WiseSpot 4G Aggregation Network Monitoring (ANM) Switch:
We Make Mobile Data Visible
WiseSpot’s network visibility solution is designed as an answer to the need for better data visibility.

It can simplify the connection mesh of a traditional network with multiple network monitoring tools into a centralized hub for data collection, customized filtering and synchronous distribution to the different network monitoring tools that may be present.

Consisting of robust, carrier-grade modules and equipment, our Aggregation Network Monitoring (ANM) Switch has been field tested and successfully connected to some of the industry’s leading and most popular monitoring and big data applications. Yet, unlike the more traditional aggregation switches that require difficult command line configuration, our solution features an easy-to-use graphical user interface that reduces unnecessary staff training costs and encourages effective utilization.


Solution Benefits & Differentiation

  • Proven deployment on 3G/4G LTE, ISP and other IP networks
  • Proven compatibility with all major brands of different monitoring tools, such as Network Analyzer, DPI, IDS, IPS, APM, Data Recorder, etc.
  • Proven ability to simplify an otherwise convoluted network by aggregating links of monitoring tools into a hub
  • Totally passive to the network without any adverse effect to the production network
  • Proactive network resource optimization
  • 3-stage filter to divert desirable traffic to monitoring tools
  • Easily supports rule to divert overlapping data traffic
  • Graphical user interface’s drag-and-drop feature instead of command line

3G/4G LTE Use Case:

Hong Kong Mobile Carrier

Intuitive Management & Control

Key Differentiation

  • Traditional aggregation switch needs difficult command line for configuration; Aggregation Network Monitoring (ANM) Switch pioneered graphical user interface that allows configuration by drag-and-drop
  • 3-stage dynamic filter
  • Allows filter of duplicated traffic for safe loading. Allows output of selective traffic (e.g. only output the video traffic for video performance monitor)
  • Easiest to use & most accurate traffic filter system on the market
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